Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3Pcs=RM10 [EXCLUDE Postage]

size : L
shoulder:14.5", sleeve:22.5", length:23.5", bust:43"

 PL_1448 : overall
bust:34", length:34"
material : cotton
(ada defect sket kat tali)

RM7 (exclude postage)

  Pl_1122 :
size : s
shoulder:14.5", bust:32", sleeve:12", length:22"
material : cotton

Pl_1239 : ray cassin
fit s to m
shoulder:14", bust:34", sleeve:22.5", length:20.5
material : cotton

 Pl_1323 : uniqlo (hoodie)
size : L (fit s~m)
shoulder:14", bust:34", sleeve:16", length:26"

 Pl_1326 :
size : m
shoulder:15", bust:32", sleeve:21.5", length:23"

size : fit s to m
status : available

 Pl_0483 :
size : fit m
sh:37cm, sl:39cm, l:59cm
(lengan 3 suku)
status : available

 Pl_0599 : booth
size : fit m to l
sh:39cm, sl:62cm, l:56cm
status : available

 Pl_0603 : skirt jeans
pinggang : 66cm, labuh : 95cm
(belah kt belakang)
 Pl_0685 : small polka dot black dress
size : fit s ~ m
length: 95cm
status : available

size : m
shoulder:14inci, length:25inci

Pl_0893 : gap
size : m [fit m to l

Pl_0894 :
size : m

RM9 [exclude postage]

 Pl_0943 : light brown dress
length:38inci, bust:35-36inci
[ada defect sket

shoulder:14.5inci, sleeve:23inci, length:22inci, bust:35inci
material : cotton

shoulder:16.5inci, sleeve:19inci, bust:38inci, length:23inci
material : cotton

 Pl_1012 : skirt polka dot
material :cotton
waist: 26" [before stretch], pinggang getah, length:25"

 Pl_1014 : brown skirt
size : xs
waist:24", length:25"

size : L [fit m to L]
shoulder:free, bust:34-36", length:24"
material : cotton

fit s to m
shoulder:15", sleeve:16", bust:34", length:23"
material : cotton
fit s to m
length:33inci, bust:33inci

fit s
material : cotton
(inner not include)



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